We are born at a given moment in a given place and like vintage years of wine we have the qualities of the year and of the season in which we are born. Astrology does not lay claim to anything else. - C.G.Jung.

Motivation - Part 1- Linear Aspect Structure

Every planet has a radial orb of influence that interacts with any planet within close proximity. Planets within the same radial orb of influence, but not conjunct, apply their energy to each other through a variety of energy lines called aspects. Conjunctions aside, when aspects in a horoscope do not conjoin three or more planets into an aspect pattern, energy moves in a linear manner from singular point A to singular point B.

The compulsion to do and a deep, impatient drive to move forward, causes a 'Linear Motivated' person to take 'dynamic shifts' in their life direction. Tenacity harnesses self-control to single-minded purpose so their capacity to endure prolonged states of mental, and physical fatigue is astounding. Because they literally block out anything considered insignificant, they don't easily tolerate anyone disrupting their concentration. Nor is it likely that they will handle trivial interruptions with either finesse or grace. Even states of relaxation have the power to make them edgy, as reflexive urges incite these people to muster themselves to action. Perhaps, one could rightly say, 'they willingly toil a day away - but find it hard to stop and play'.

Failure is never an option a linear person considers as they strive, so when they're focused on an undertaking, an irresistible impulse to uncover one more detail or best a task, pulsates deep within and summons them onward, heedless of a need to rest. This is especially true if what they're doing electrifies their mind. While the possibility of health problems owing to mental and physical burnout, is a real and ever present danger, it's not the only issue of which they must become fully aware. Intimate relationships, not to mention children or pets if they have them, will suffer from their inability to put things aside and interact.

A person with linear motivation, gains recovery through alternating states of action. They don't require prolonged states of rest, but do need phases of renewal other than a normal sleep period. Sleep must be more than falling into bed when they've completely emptied their resources and their whole being is screaming rest now or collapse. When their stamina is running low, they need to stop before it gets depleted and put efforts on hold, even if this interrupts a train of thought. They must force themselves to keep energy usage within reasonable limits and learn to enjoy life's other pleasurable pastimes to release built-up stress. Then they must take the time to fully revitalize, so they can vigorously continue to gratify their uncontainable incentive to progress.

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