We are born at a given moment in a given place and like vintage years of wine we have the qualities of the year and of the season in which we are born. Astrology does not lay claim to anything else. - C.G.Jung.

My Personal Beliefs & Approach to Astrolgy

It is my personal belief that the full development of our soul is accomplished over numerous lifetimes, which I call life journeys. Although these journeys take on an average of over 80 of our years to complete they are more like a day in the Universal School of Soul. Some lessons are harder to learn than others and sometimes need to be repeated.

Some lessons have Karma from previous lives alongside the lesson being learned and some do not. Others lessons are meant to enhance skills began in other lives that we have made the decision to perfect. And some lessons are at the level of kindergarten as a new way of being has been selected and foundations are now being laid. We each design own course and no two are perfectly identical. We live each life as a fully unique individual and we will never repeat the one we are living now.

Spirit endows corporeal matter with Life and births itself into physical reality and Psychological Astrology is essentially the study of a soul's journey along this current path. Our birth moment can be likened to a seed that contains the potential for how we will unfold. The planetary arrangement at our birth employs the language of symbols to reflect who we are. This arrangement of planets and stars will never be repeated in exactly the same pattern.

Like the genes that determine our body and temperament, our astrological chart is made up of the same basic parts that other people have, but just as the uniqueness of DNA or a fingerprint the arrangement of these parts is uniquely our own. Each planet in our horoscope represents a multi-faceted energy that can express through infinite patterns when combined with energies from house and sign.

Our birth chart enables us to see ourselves from the outside looking in and therefore extend our point of view. It contains the raw materials each of us has been given from which to fashion a life. Each of us have our problems to solve and our special strengths to do this with. There is no such thing as a norm for everyone, however there is a unique pattern that is right for each of us. Enhanced knowledge highlights the energies we were given to work with and enables us to grow in the direction meant for the journey we have chosen.

As an astrologer I consider myself to be a guide, to help others to further their soul's particular goals and light the path meant to lead them to higher levels of meaning, purpose and awareness. My efforts are ever towards a person's greatest good and their least suffering. Human we all be and there are none among us who have not slipped a little as they trod the path to higher consciousness.

Life is never without its struggles, but these conditions strengthen us as we humbly reach for that within us which is divine. My goals are much the same as yours and it's my greatest hope that the text contained on this Blog will shed greater light on your path. It is my joy in life to have been given the skills to help a fellow soul treading along life's path and in knowing that the world is a little better off for the work I do.

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